Ralph Compton Blood of the Hunters

Written by:
Ralph Compton , Jeff Rovin
Narrated by:
George Guidall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
7 hours 5 minutes
In this compelling new installment of bestseller Ralph Compton’s The Gunfighter series, a man driven by
the destruction of his family seeks to protect a woman and her children from a band of desperados.

John Stockbridge was once a peaceful man of medicine. Now, he’s better known as Dr. Vengeance, a man who is as
fast with a shotgun as any other gunfighter is with a six-gun. The murders of his wife and child left him with an aching
hole where his soul once was. His only solace comes from wandering the West.

Along the way, he encounters a woman and her two children searching for their missing fur-trapper husband/
father in the Rockies. In the process, they run afoul of some foul former Confederates who have amassed money and
local power by robbing those traveling west through a mountain pass. While searching for the missing trapper—and
aided by a Mexican mountain man and an independent woman who works at the local hotel—Stockbridge must take
down the vicious highwaymen one by one.
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