Written by:
Alicia Rades
Narrated by:
Candace Joice
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
7 hours 2 minutes
Never mess with a witch who bites back.

I'm Rachel Collins, low witch and raven shifter in hiding. I spend my days tending the cash register at a local magic shop and my nights patrolling the streets for vampires with a death wish. Until the night I spot the mark of the Soulless on some lowly vampire's wrist.

The Soulless answer to Valkas, the original vampire and the most ruthless of them all. They’re the same bloodsuckers who murdered my parents and kidnapped my sister. I want answers—and maybe a little revenge.

Along comes Venn, a handsome, protective wolf shifter who takes my breath away. We're both after the same guy, and as much as it kills me to ask for help, I kind of need it.

Heaven help me. The dark, dangerous road we’re traveling together will either free my sister or get me killed.


New narration updated March, 2023.

Now a complete audiobook series! Hunt vampires, team up with witches, and fall in love with shifters in this dark, fast-paced urban fantasy series. Experience the mystery, suspense, and magic of found families, fated mates, and reincarnation in this exciting paranormal series starter.

Vengeance and Vampires series reading order:

Book 1: Ravenite

Book 2: Resilience

Book 3: Resolute

Book 4: Retribute
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Kelly K.

This isn’t just another supernatural/paranormal romance. It’s also a story of family, where Rachel is in search of her sister, and finds a group of people who choose her as their family along the way. The connection she has with Venn is instant and undeniable. It’s balanced with a good amount of action and tender moments. I even laughed a few times. I love supernatural story’s, and this has shifters, witchcraft and vampires all in the mix. The ending is just the start of the next adventure, and I’m looking forward to the next instalment! Candace does a good job with the narration, her voice was easy to listen to. And most importantly she uses her voice to differentiate between the characters.

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Amanda G.

Love this story, it started out with action and was action packed through the whole story. Rachel the mc is a strong self driven character. I couldn’t stop listening. The end leaves ready to start book 2.

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