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The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life.

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2016
18 hours 25 minutes
In a world where too many financial advisors do not follow their own advice, here is a book written by experts who practice what they teach and who will teach you to thrive, not merely survive, during turbulent economic times. This is the real deal…The Real Book of Real Estate.The only thing better than one real estate expert teaching you how to invest and win is 20 real estate experts with that same mission. For the first time ever, Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has assembled in one book an unrivaled cast of real estate wizards and trusted advisors with one purpose in mind: to share their knowledge and teach you to win in real estate.This is the ultimate real estate book you will come back to again and again. Read it cover to cover, or use it as a guide to help when you need it most. The Real Book of Real Estate will be your #1 source as you determine the real estate niche that is perfect for you and as you navigate the ups and downs of the real estate market and become the expert you know you can be.Whether you're a seasoned investor or buying your first property, this is the one book you can and will read over and over. Robert's team of real experts shows you how to: value a property, lease a property and keep it leased, get financing, title and protect entities, find hidden investment opportunities, minimize taxes, and establish your own team of advisors.
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Very good guide book for those who are actually investing and doing the deeds. This book is real experience based book of people that’s on the trenches. Up to you to decide for yourself.

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The narrator is terrible... The Reading gets me disinterested on the subject matter.

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Fayzullo D

The worst book of Kiyosaki ever. It seems RK is just trying to use inersion from "the rich dad & poor dad". Not a RK fan any more. I thought RK could find a better ways of making money!

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Siavash B

Book is good and a great starter for anyone looking to understand the real estate market and investing.

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