Reality No Reality

Written by:
Lia Kim
Narrated by:
Stephanie Cannon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
1 hour 10 minutes
'Reality, No Reality' – Lia Kim's New Project

The first photobook by world-renowned choreographer Lia Kim is out now!

Lia Kim is the co-founder of 1MILLION Dance Studio, whose YouTube channel has nearly twenty million subscribers, and over three billion cumulative views. In her book 'Reality, No Reality', Lia Kim fully reveals her very own sensibility, not only as a choreographer but also as a visual director. 1MILLION Dance Studio, which she started in 2014 with four other choreographers in a small basement studio, has been a tremendous success. It has now expanded to a full-fledge dance agency with over 20 choreographers.

From the very beginning, 1MILLION Dance Studio's dream has been to inspire one million people to dance, hence its name. Seeing the number of views of its videos on YouTube, one cannot help thinking that 1BILLION might have been an even better name. Lia Kim's book is an embodiment of her own words, 'Life Is Beautiful When We Dance. ' It is for everyone who is interested in dance, whether they are longtime fans of Lia Kim, or beginners who have just begun to learn her dance through 1MILLION's videos. 'Reality, No Reality' is a 2-in-1 book structured with two distinct parts, 'Reality' and 'No Reality'. Both have their own cover and can been read in no specific order. Lia Kim's work has always been inspired by visual art, and is quite artistic in itself, as known by those who have been following her. This double photobook was born from her idea of a double concept, a double way of showing her choreographic art. Lia Kim is a popular dance icon and her new photobook is her dance archive.

I Am, Lia Kim
Flowers & Freckles
I Hate U, I Love U
Life Is Beautiful When We Dance by Lia Kim
The Future
Cold Water
The Muse
Movement by Hur Yoon Sun
Killing Me Perfectly
The Greatest
Creation of a New Dance Culture! by Hur Yumi
No Reality

Author: Lia Kim

Choreographer. Co-founder of 1MILLION Dance Studio. Creating a new dance culture around the globe
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