Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
10 hours 57 minutes
I slept with the girl I bullied in high school then left her on prom night. I screwed up. Ten years later, if I don't save her, the damage I've caused will consume us both.

Do you hate me?

I would-and did-until I actually achieved infamy and could bury my past in booze, parties, and endless nights. You'd be right, too. I don't deserve to have good things come my way. I tend to be drawn to broken things and then make them unfixable.

Which is why, years later, when my bandmate tells me the girl I shattered is in town, well . . . I'm tracking her down. I can't resist. Only, she's not the McKenna Beckley I remember. My Mack.

The sweet, shy, bookish schoolgirl I ruined has disappeared, and in her place is a gorgeous, curvaceous, and jaded woman who's gotten herself into some bad, bad things.

Is there any hope of a second chance with us? I haven't changed one bit. I'll always be the jerk she remembers. So it's more like a second chance at ruin. Problem is, she might just become mine.

Contains mature themes.
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