The Receptionist

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
10 hours 40 minutes
“The malicious actions of these angry, narcissistic people are appalling, but that won’t stop readers from turning the pages to see what happens to them.” —Publishers Weekly

Murder, money, and ambition fuel a fiery love triangle in this darkly comic and deeply disturbing thriller of rage, manipulation, and revenge.

On the eve of her wedding, Emily, a top Hollywood agent, is devastated to learn that her CEO fiancé is a serial cheater. Refusing to follow her instincts, she goes ahead with the marriage in order to preserve her hard-earned membership in the one percent. A master maneuverer, Emily is confident that she can outsmart her husband, clean up his messes, while enjoying the fabulous fruits of high-powered coupledom.

When her husband embarks on an audacious affair with his volatile young receptionist, Emily’s savvy is put to the test. His reckless decisions set off a chain of shocking scandals, plunging Emily into a cat-and-mouse fight for survival. Someone will die. Someone will kill. The question is, who will be left standing?
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