The Reformation: A History of European Civilization from Wycliffe to Calvin, 1300–1564

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2014
48 hours 55 minutes
An engrossing volume on the European Reformation by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Will Durant

The sixth volume of Durant's acclaimed Story of Civilization, The Reformation chronicles the history of European civilization from 1300 to 1564. In this masterful work, listeners will encounter

the schism within the Roman Catholic Church and the formation of early Protestantism; the theology of Martin Luther and his societal impact; the rise of Humanism and the life of Desiderius Erasmus; the royal monarchies of England, France, Spain, and Italy; the imperial conquests of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of the Americas; the Bohemian revolution of Eastern Europe, the unification of Russia, and the rise of the Ottoman Empire; the teachings of John Calvin; andthe Counter-Reformation of the sixteenth century.
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Moud Barthez

The book is really impressive, it is huge as it is, despite a lot of holes and details that has been left out.

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paul b

great insight into the goings on in the sixteenth century and a superb read.

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