The Renaissance: An Enthralling Guide to a Period of Rebirth in Arts, Science and Culture

The Renaissance: An Enthralling Guide to a Period of Rebirth in Arts, Science and Culture

Written by:
Billy Wellman
Narrated by:
Jay Herbert
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
3 hours 15 minutes
Do the names Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael ring a bell?

If so, you are already somewhat familiar with the Renaissance, which saw a rebirth in the arts and science. Great strides were made in several fields, and many men made a name for themselves by creating masterpieces or developing new theories, even if some people found them controversial.

This comprehensive guide digs into some of the most famous figures of the period and includes some who might not be as well known. This exciting ride through history gives you an introductory look at one of the most fascinating periods in history, injecting new life into a topic that has been written about countless times before.

Avoid the stuffy academic audiobooks on the Renaissance and instead explore a captivating look at a period that brought renewed interest to the arts, science, and culture in general.

In this audiobook, you will learn about the following:

- How the Middle Ages segued into the Renaissance
- Some of the well-known concepts that emerged during the period, such as humanism
- Why some families became patrons of the arts
- How religion impacted the Renaissance
- Famous artists, thinkers, and scientists who breathed new life into European society
- Examples of Renaissance paintings and architecture
- How the printing press led to the spread of ideas
- And so much more!

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