Rescued by her Bear

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
5 hours 31 minutes
Leaving his cozy cabin at Black Ridge in the middle of a winter storm isn't Lowe's idea of a good time, but he'll do whatever his alpha wants. With his twin for company, he battles the blizzard and his grouchy bear side, trying to keep his spirits up. When his brother brings up his bad habit of getting his heart broken, Lowe is sure things can't get any worse . . . and then a gunshot echoes around the valley and the smell of blood sends his instincts wild. And when he finds the owner of the delicate, tempting scent and sets eyes on the most beautiful female he's ever seen, fear and hope collide as he realizes she's human but everything inside him roars 'fated mate.'

Going on the run hadn't been in Cameo's life plan, until her nice-guy-turned-drug-lord ex kills her brother and sets his sights on her. Staying one step ahead of Karl and his men is vital to staying alive, but a wrong turn leads her into a remote valley and what looks like the end of the line . . . until a gorgeous six-six mountain of a man rescues her and growls a vow to protect her. As the heat that crackles between them blazes into an inferno, Cameo is torn between accepting Lowe's help and leaving to keep him safe. With the clock ticking and the men hunting her drawing ever closer, will Cameo follow her head or her heart?

Contains mature themes.
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