The Return of Tarzan

Written by:
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Narrated by:
Jeff Harding

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2016
9 hours 23 minutes
In this second addition to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ epic adventures of Tarzan, listeners will find the jungle man leaving America to visit old friends in Europe. Through spirals of action, disaster, and shipwreck, we find Tarzan and a group of travelers, including his first love Jane and his new archenemy Rokoff, back in the jungle where he was raised. Encountering even more hardship in the harsh jungle, Tarzan again fights wild animals and savage tribes in the ultimate search for secret buried treasure. This sequel to Tarzan of the Apes sheds even more light on the beloved jungle hero’s life, loves, and struggles fitting into human society.
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