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Written by:
Robert Storey
Narrated by:
Gildart Jackson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
13 hours 32 minutes
Hidden deep beneath a remote desert is our planet's biggest secret. Sarah Morgan's only mistake? Finding it.

The world holds its breath as the colossal asteroid 2011 AG5 hurtles towards the earth. As humanity is faced with extinction, archaeologist Sarah Morgan is in a race against time to uncover a secret that has been buried for millennia: that an advanced ancestor once populated the earth. As Sarah travels across the continents in search of the truth, she discovers there are those that will kill to protect this most ancient of secrets . . .

Meanwhile, in a clandestine facility below the earth's surface, Professor Steiner has been charged with overseeing the preservation of the human race. Steiner believes he is on schedule to deliver his task, but as the world is poised on the brink of destruction Steiner's plans begin to unravel.

That which has lain buried may yet prove to be their only hope . . .
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Outstanding! I just found my next immersed series. the sad part is that this book sat in my library for two years smh. I moving straight into the second book.

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Kimberly C.

I would compare to the TV show “Lost”. Fantastic and intriguing story and writing - sucks you in waiting to find out what happens. But at the end, several books later, you wish you had never started the series in the first place.

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Rob W.

it was cool defo listen again

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Great story. I was very disappointed in the ending. Until I found out that there is a part 2. I\'m anxious to see where it takes characters.

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Ginger S.

The beginning had me a bit nervous, lots of military stuff but I stayed the course, and am I glad I did! What a great story. Excellent character development, characters are woven together beautifully. Story has great twists and I can’t wait to order book 2.

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Brad M.

Good book. Liked the various character pathways to the ending. Well narrated, which is almost the most important aspect.

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Darlene S.

Good book ....liked the characters.... nice twists at end ....

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Michael W.

I enjoyed this book. The beginning was kind of a struggle with me but then it picked up the pace in the middle and by the end I was locked in! Very good story line.

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ZAck A.

I really enjoyed the book each subsequent book add a bit but draws out the story and the end with a obvious move to get the next book. Realized their are supposed to be 8 books in the series. Only 6 have been published and the Author is no longer living. The estate claims they have notes and are going to finish the story. I'm generally not a huge fan of large series books, I dislike series that are not done and you have to wait years to get to the end of the story (Dune universe , and Stormlight Archives as exceptions).

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Keith K.

Great storyline with some intriguing ideas. I enjoyed it, but felt it was too short. That said, I’ll be getting the next in the series

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really good book, I really enjoyed it. had a hard time pressing stop now I have to go to the next book to find out what happened darn cliffhangers

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Robin j T.

Good read straight to the point no divrrin

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Really enjoyed Mr. Storey’s books.. I am glad audiobooks are being made. I drive a lot and being able to enjoy his works will driving is the best. Thanks for this..

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