Roses Are Red

Written by:
James Patterson
Narrated by:
Peter J. Fernandez

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2005
8 hours 0 minutes
Alex Cross races against time as a series of crimes stuns Washington, D. C.—and he might be facing his most brilliant enemy yet.

In a series of terrifying crimes, bank robbers have been laying out precise demands when they enter the building-and then killing the bank employees and their families if those instructions are not followed to the letter.

Detective Alex Cross takes on the case, certain that this is no ordinary bank robber at work; the pathological need for control and perfection is too great. Cross is in the midst of a personal crisis at home, but the case becomes all-consuming as he learns that the Mastermind is plotting one huge, last, perfect crime.
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fabulous ending....can't get to the next one soon enough!!

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John Rav

Another great adventure for Alex Cross. The man sure gets put the ringer in each book. The only issue I had with the reader was that his voice would change in the middle of a dialogue. Not sure why.

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What the Frick! Didn’t see that coming AT ALL!

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Robyn T

It was a good suspenseful book. I didn't get bored in the beginning. The ending was a surprise too, I liked that!

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Scott E

Couldn’t put this book down! Page after page heart racing, sweat pouring! Duh a great book!

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Patti deRochemont

Loved this book and the reader

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Susan Williams

Great book and narrator!

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Dina J.

I couldn't put this down! NEXT!!!!

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Another awesome novel… Could not believe the END omg can’t wait for the next book

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Marcus C.

very very good completely didn't see the ending coming at all

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