Written by:
Anna B. Doe
Narrated by:
Cj Bloom , Teddy Hamilton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
13 hours 52 minutes
When Maximillian Sanders moved to Greyford, he had three goals: mend the broken relationship with his sister, keep her safe, and get into a division one college, playing hockey. There he meets the girl who breaks his heart and turns his world upside down, and it's her best friend who helps pick up the pieces.

Brook Taylor learned the hard way that in order to survive this ugly world, she needed to live by her own rules. Then she meets Max and for the first time, she's tempted to break them. He's off limits, and she has a plan that doesn't include a hot hockey player.

He says he wants her, but she can see the truth in his eyes. She should have just followed her rules and guarded her heart.

Those three little rules were supposed to save her, until she broke them all.

Contains mature themes.
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I read this book a long time back but wanted to do a reread. But this time I wanted it as a audio book. And it still hit he hard as the last time. Anna really has a unique way of hitting on all the feels. Max as been a mystery from book one m, but here we see him in all his intricacies. And Brooke, a total opposite to him. From being from the wrong side of the tracks, to having rules on not falls for the guy who secretly wants her best friend. But rules are ment to be broken. From rivalries in the hockey ring to crash of the hearts, Anna's world has been given a new life by the narrator. Totally recommend!

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Courtney A.

The audiobook for this amazing story was such a great way to enjoy this story and I loved every second of it. The narrators are clear, precise, and intense that brings the characters to life. I must admit throughout this whole series I have had my doubts and even have came to despise Brook, so with this book I was hoping we could understand her better or at least try to and she could convert me as a fan. Well the author did not disappoint, I ended up loving this story and even loving Brook. Max is a kind, loving soul who is set on protecting those he cares for. This book had a lot more twists, drama, action, and steamy moments than the last two and I loved every bit of it even if I skeptical because of Brook I knew I would still read it because of Max. I am just glad I got a better understanding of Brook and was able to enjoy and love this. These two truly stole my heart and made me think about how we treat others, think before you speak, and don’t judge by attitude because there usually is more to what lies underneath.

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Amy R.

There are parts of this story that are soul crushing and in the beginning I wasn't sure. I mean these are supposed to be high school kids. But CJ Bloom and Teddy Hamilton were amazing. It's as I said a tough story to swallow at times but they did a beautiful job bringing Max and Brook to life.I have voluntarily left this review.

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Crystal F.

Audiobook review: Narrated by CJ Bloom and Teddy Hamilton 4.5 stars for story / 5 stars for performance This is my first Anna B. Doe story so I obviously did not read the other two books in the series. I do believe it is perfectly fine to read / listen to this as a stand alone but I am so intrigued by the previous couples as they are featured quite a bit in this one. I can only imagine how emotional those will be because this one really tore me up on several occasions. Despite this taking place during high school, the subject matters are so deep that it is easy to forget about that fact. Brooke is one tough cookie and she is put through the wringer in this book. I will not go into any plot details because I am thoroughly spoiler free but if you love a romance that is anything but simple and easy this is one for you. My emotions were all over the place listening to this. As far as the narration, there is not a single bad word to be said. Neither CJ Bloom, nor Teddy Hamilton can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. They are the perfect duo bring such an emotional story to life and I flew through this one because I had no desire to turn it off.

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Jaimie D.

When I say I love this book, I really mean it! I adore Anna for her writing and the way she can tell a story that will capture you and won't let you go! This is the third book in the Greyford Wolves series, and it is opposites that attract sports romance with angst and so many emotions. This audio was done so well, and Teddy and CJ did the best job at bringing Max and Brook to my ears. They captured the emotions beautifully. You will fall in love with this couple through their voices. Max and Brooke can't be more opposite. She is from the wrong side of the tracks, and he has everything he could ever want. Brook has rules that will keep her safe and not fall for the guy who is in love with her best friend. Max is trying to navigate through his feelings for someone who is not available. And then he runs into the friend, and things get a little blurry. If you need a hockey romance with angst and emotions... Get this one! I do recommend reading the other books first, it gives this one so much more depth!

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