Run: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

Written by:
Rich Restucci
Narrated by:
David Drummond

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2015
7 hours 52 minutes
The dead have risen, and they are hungry. Slow and plodding, they are Legion. The undead hunt the living. Stop and they will catch you. Hide and they will find you. If you have a heartbeat you do the only thing you can: You run.

Survivors escape to an island stronghold: a cop and his daughter, a computer nerd, a garbage man with a piece of rebar, and an escapee from a mental hospital with a life-saving secret. After reaching Alcatraz, the ever expanding group of survivors realize that the infected are not the only threat. Caught between the viciousness of the undead, and the heartlessness of the living, what choice is there? Run.
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Mary Z.

a little slow but an interesting story

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Great book! Read the “…Theory” books and this one intertwines and happens somewhat simultaneously with that series. I just wish the other 3 books were available in an audible version.

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Michelle M.

Awesome book, don’t know which one comes first. This book or his series but don’t matter, it’s still good. Need continuation, MORE PLS...

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