RV Camping

Written by:
Olivier Brad
Narrated by:
Jack R. James

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
3 hours 36 minutes
Do you yearn for wide open spaces and the freedom to move to a new place whenever you like?

Do you own an RV or are you considering buying or hiring one?

The lure of the wilderness and a life under the stars is something that appeals to more people every year. The idea of cooking on an open fire, seeing places that are off the beaten track and then moving on to a new destination when you chose, is something that harks back to some of our most ancient instincts.

This audiobook, RV Camping: A Beginner's Guide to RV Living and RV Lifestyle, is perfect for anyone who is thinking of that sort of vacation or even just changing their lifestyle for a while and provides information on:

How to plan your trip to get the most of it

Different types of RV

How and where to rent your RV

Making sure you are up to date with safety and first aid

Cooking while using your RV

Tips and advice for this sort of living

And moreā€¦

While many of us love the romantic idea that comes with living in an RV for a couple of weeks or for a prolonged period of time, the reality is that it takes plenty of in-depth preparation so that you will be as comfortable as possible

RV Camping offers an insight into this lifestyle like never before and is suitable for anyone who wants to be sure they get the basics right before they go.
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