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September 2020
6 hours 46 minutes
Who says you can't fall in love at seven years old? I know I did.

The love I felt for my babysitter, Camryn Davison at such a young age transformed over time.

By the time I was a teen that love turned into fantasies I knew would never come true.

By the time I saw her again at twenty-one I was determined to make those fantasies a reality.

If only she'd see me as the man I am now and not the little boy she used to soothe when I had nightmares as a child.

She's the only one that has an issue with our seven-year age difference, but I'm determined to prove to her that a younger man is exactly what she needs.

Contains mature themes.
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Pauline C.

I 'read' this on audiobook and thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cerebrus MC. It is obvious that the club has lots of history and therefore lots of stories that have come before. Although this doesn't necessarily detract from the enjoyment of the story, it would have made a bit more 'sense' with a bit of background knowledge of the heavily featured supporting characters. Will I start at the beginning and read from book 1, probably not. However, I will visit this MC again and who knows, perhaps I'll be persuaded to catch up! An enjoyable story with interesting characters!

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Patricia R.

Samson Cerberus MC Series, Book 9 By: Marie James Narrated by: Kasha Kensington, Aaron Shedlock When you know, you know! At 10 years old, Samson knows the woman he is in love with is his babysitter Camryn. Puppy love? Maybe. But years later, Samson makes good on those feelings and makes a play for the now established doctor. Can she see past his age? Will he always be the little boy she babysat? Can he break through her barriers? I had my doubts. But this persistent man proves that love prevails. Samson is quite the man. At first with his pick up lines, I was laughing out loud and rolling my eyes right along with Cam. But he proved me wrong. Cam has some issues to get through, and she finds strength in this man. It goes to show that age is just a number. This is my first book of this series, and while there is interaction with others in the MC, it can definitely stand alone. I enjoyed this heart felt story, with laughter and tears and love. Kasha Kensington and Aaron Shedlock enhance this story with an impeccable narration. Kensington is a perfect fit for Kasha. She let us feel her stubbornness, and feel the changes in her. Shedlock melts my heart as Samson. He is strong, and never gives up using nuances to let us know exactly how he feels. These two are a fantastic team and make for an entertaining listen.

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