Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story

Written by:
Brian (head) Welch
Narrated by:
Ray Porter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2011
6 hours 23 minutes
The amazing true story of an out-of-control rock star, his devastating addiction to drugs, and his miraculous redemption through Jesus Christ

In February 2005, more than ten thousand people in Bakersfield, California, watched as Brian “Head” Welch—the former lead guitarist of the controversial rock band Korn—was saved by Jesus Christ. The event set off a media frenzy as observers from around the world sought to understand what led this rock star out of the darkness and into the light.

Now, in this courageous memoir, Head talks for the first time about his shocking embrace of God and the tumultuous decade that led him into the arms of Jesus Christ. Offering a backstage pass to his time with Korn, Head tells the inside story of his years in the band and explains how his rock star lifestyle resulted in an all-consuming addiction to methamphetamine. Writing openly about the tour bus mayhem of Ozzfest and the Family Values Tour, he provides a candid look at how the routine of recording, traveling, and partying placed him in a cycle of addiction that he could not break on his own.

Speaking honestly about his addiction, Head details his struggles with the drug that ultimately led him to seek a higher power. Despite his numerous attempts to free himself from meth, nothing—not even the birth of his daughter—could spur him to kick it for good. Here Head addresses how, with the help of God, he emerged from his dangerous lifestyle and found a path that was not only right for his daughter, it was right for him.

Discussing the chaotic end to his time in Korn and how his newfound faith has influenced his relationship with his daughter, his life, and his music, Head describes the challenging but rewarding events of previous years, exposing the truth about how his moments of doubt and his hardships have only deepened his faith.

Candid, compelling, and inspirational, Save Me from Myself is a rock ’n’ roll journey unlike any other.
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Crystal Howell

This is one of my favorite books. Powerful story of overcoming addiction by God's love, grace, and mercy. As a mother of a recovering addict I found hope through his story for so many that are still a slave to the bondage of addiction.

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Very raw and moving book! Brian leaves nothing left unsaid when it comes to his journey before and after he found God. Gives us an in depth look in the life of one of the highest rated rock bands of their era and all the comes with it. I have a great appreciation for this story!

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Lane R.

Amazing book!! It opened my eyes a lot!!

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Suzi G.

as a Christian, listening to a man, who came from "middle" America felt left adrift in what modern America society was. No longer did EVERY family member work from sun rise to sun set. No longer was education for the rich. Children were BANNED from child labor. Welcome to the unknown world of the 80s. It wasn't just where Brian Welch resided, it was in EVERY AMERICAN CITY, CANADIAN, English, Australian, European, & countries that FINALLY had disposable income. Brian Welch is the poster child for the MAJORITY (yes, there are ALWAYS outliers) of his generation. Parents focused on advancing financially, grow their business, give their children all they never had. Sadly, what those parents needed to GIVE, was THEMSELVES, their attention, their involvement in the children they accepted responsibility for. Brian Welch FINALLY wakes up and SLOWLY realizes HIS role as a parent. Every child of GEN X & everyone else, this is a MUST READ!! Get back the faith you're not taught. Learn of your Creator God, that was NOT heard or explained to you. This is where you kneel, pray, & beg for God to guide you.

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Jeffery R.

Great story.

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Ariel Suarez

Great book but gets boring towards the end. Great narration

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Tracey L'Heureux

Very powerful book. I feel this book could help with people that is lost within them self.

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Randall Heller

Extremely powerful and inspirational! Narrator did a great job!

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Britney Robledo

Such an amazing testimony! I loved reading ! Errrr listening!!

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