Scandalous Redemption

Scandalous Redemption

Written by:
Amanda Mariel
Narrated by:
Anne Marie Damman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2016
4 hours 10 minutes
She never wanted him… He needed her… 

The wounded Claudia Akford and the captivating Lord Shillington must navigate their haunted pasts and forbidden desires to find a Scandalous Redemption in each other's arms.

In the aftermath of scandal, Claudia Akford emerges from a torturous marriage, her spirit unbroken. Now a widow, she's determined to reclaim her place in society and assert her independence. However, temptation takes form in the enigmatic Lord Shillington. Possessing a blend of kindness and strength, his striking handsomeness threatens to breach the defenses Claudia has meticulously built. She's willing to indulge in passion, but his desires transcend her boundaries.

For Henry Shillington, the allure of Lady Claudia Akford is irresistible, despite her notorious reputation. Drawn to her kind heart, intellect, and captivating wit, he envisions a future entwined with hers. Yet, the more his feelings deepen, the more Claudia resists, bound by her own reservations. His intentions are noble, but he's met with her resistance – and being merely a clandestine lover will never satisfy him.

Amidst the echoes of old wounds, a scandal that refuses to fade, and societal constraints, can two souls scarred by life's tribulations find the courage to defy conventions and seize the love they both yearn for?
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