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The Second Life of Mirielle West

Written by:
Amanda Skenandore
Narrated by:
Nicole Poole

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
12 hours 37 minutes
1920s Los Angeles: Socialite Mirielle West's days are crowded with shopping, luncheons, and prepping for the myriad glittering parties she attends with her actor husband, Charlie. She's been too busy to even notice the small patch of pale skin on the back of her hand. Other than an occasional over-indulgence in gin and champagne, which helps to numb the pain of recent tragedy, Mirielle is the picture of health. But her doctor insists on more tests, and Mirielle reluctantly agrees.

The diagnosis-leprosy-is devastating and unthinkable. Changing her name to shield Charlie and their two young children, Mirielle is exiled to rural Louisiana for what she hopes will be a swift cure. But the hospital at Carville turns out to be as much a prison as a place of healing. Deaths far outnumber the discharges, and many patients have languished for years.

At first, Mirielle keeps her distance from other residents, unwilling to accept her new reality. Gradually she begins to find both a community and a purpose at Carville, helping the nurses and doctors while eagerly anticipating her return home. But even that wish is tinged with uncertainty. How can she bridge the divide between the woman, wife, and mother she was, and the stranger she has become? And what price is she willing to pay to protect the ones she loves?
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What a great story! Loved this book and was sad when it ended.

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Absolutely loved the story

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Sandra T.

Although I loved the story I had a little trouble with the narrator’s pronunciation of some of our Louisiana towns & terms. I also think some of the author’s descriptions & phrases a little 2 dimensional. Overall, however, it was a great story based in realities that many people are totally unfamiliar with. Easy learning!

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Arlene F.

Well written and narrated. The only reason that I am giving this a 4 star is because the depiction of what the leper colony had to endure was a bit too sickening to stomach. The details were hard to stomach. Overall, the story was wonderfully portrayed as what Mirialle went through in life as a leper.

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Captivating. Made me count my blessings!

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