Seeking Redemption: Complete Duet

Seeking Redemption: Complete Duet

Written by:
Eden Summers
Narrated by:
D.C. Cole , Laura Jennings
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
21 hours 33 minutes
“Less than an hour spent with you, Layla, and I was obsessed.”

He caught me spying on my enemies and could've had me killed.

Instead, he says he wants to help.

To give me a future, freedom, and most of all, revenge.

I want that, too. I want everything he has to give… even though I know he’s hiding something.

I grew up around men like Matthew Langston—rich, powerful, above the law.

He’s dangerous and a whole lot of trouble.

But when he treats me like a goddess, worshipping the ground I walk on, the fear for my future doesn’t exist.

Until I learn who he really is.

They say love hurts—but they never mentioned it could make you bleed.

His deceit was like wine.

I drank it in. Let it intoxicate me.

But he’s not the man I fell for.

Matthew Langston is a lie.

I’d run from him if I could. I’d flee. If only he hadn’t turned my family against me.

Now, I have nothing. No money, phone, or external support.

Only him, and his determination to win me back.

So I’ll use it to my advantage. I’ll use him.

Because he made a promise to help me get revenge on those we despise.

And once that’s over, so are we.

The complete duet of Layla and Matthew’s seductively thrilling story.
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