The Self Storage: The Complete Series 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2010
1 hour 20 minutes
BBC Radio 4 Sitcom by Tom Collinson starring Reece Shearsmith, Mark Heap and Rosie Cavaliero.

In the wake of a marital break-up, Dave finds himself living in the storage unit in which he keeps his belongings. Dave is accompanied by his fellow inhabitant, the borderline psychotic Geoff, and cultured security guard Ron.

In this second series Dave's sister moves in with him, he celebrates his birthday, is offered a job and finally has to face up to the possibility of moving out. Starring: Reece Shearsmith ('The League of Gentleman'), Mark Heap ('Spaced'), Tom Goodman-Hill ('Ideal'), Rosie Cavaliero ('Saxondale') and Susan Earl.

Originally broadcast November - December 2008.
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