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Short Story Press Presents Barren

Short Story Press Presents Barren

Narrated by:
Alexa Crema
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2018
0 hours 32 minutes
Four years ago, Nick Laverdi left his hometown of Barren in northern New Jersey and moved directly east to the city of New York. After the well-publicized collapse of the only famous person to ever come from Barren, the town picked up a crippling reputation that it was never able to shake. Each native bears its burden like a cross, and Nick is no different. He has spent his whole life trying to disassociate himself with his hometown, and on his first trip home since he left, Nick’s mission is simple: move his parents out of his childhood home. A drive down memory lane, otherwise known as Wanaque Avenue, quickly complicates this task. Memories abound as he conjures up thoughts of deceased friends, lost opportunities, miscalculated risks, and a town that is hard to escape successfully. It leaves Nick questioning why he ever thought he could get away in the first place. His arrival home does little to ease his torment. An emotional reunion with his mother and a distant reunion with his father offer glimpses into his own failures as he grew up and attempted to leave unscathed. Ultimately, a conversation with his older sister reminds Nick that even though he physically left Barren, it will take a lot more than relocating to wash away its stench completely.

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