Siddhartha - Part I / II

Written by:
Herman Hesse
Narrated by:
Michael Scott

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2006
4 hours 52 minutes
Siddhartha, born the son of a Brahmin, was blessed in appearance, intelligence and charisma. In order to find meaning in life, he discarded his promising future for the life of an ascetic. He wandered as a shramana and searched for Gotama the Buddha. However, this man, Siddhartha, was not a follower of any but his own soul. This popular book provides the listener with insight into the philosophy and thoughts that shape Siddhartha's path to enlightenment.
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Karen B

The tone of the narration didn't fit the book which made it difficult to listen to. Book was just ok but I may have liked it better if I could enjoy the narrator.

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A great read. Enlightening and soothing. I would have preferred another narrator, with a more soothing voice, but still wonderful.

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i have read the book and now just listening. even a movie watches based on this book by Shashi kapoor. all forms are fantastic. The voice of the narrater is very soothing.

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Great listen.

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Elvan Ersoy

I read this right after reading (hearing) alchemist. Both great spiritual stories. Simple sentences yet great story of a guy who finally finds what his soul needs.

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