Simon Says: A John Simon Thriller

Simon Says: A John Simon Thriller

Written by:
Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Narrated by:
Derek Stephen Prince
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
15 hours 0 minutes
The smuggling ring is a big case…

‪…that got his partner killed.‪

How will Simon go on without her?‪

In 2029 Kansas City, Master Detective John Simon is a tough cop with a disdain for technology. His new movie quoting partner doesn’t make him happy. How can you trust a robot?

‪And what’s with the name…‪

…Lucas George?‪

Simon and Lucas don’t have time for squabbles. Something isn’t right about this case. There’s more to it than smuggling, but they don’t know what exactly.‪

They have one more problem.‪

Evidence is disappearing and people are getting killed.

‪Is there a conspiracy?‪

You’ll love this exciting mix of near future science fiction and police procedurals, because the snarky banter fits perfectly with the fantastic twists. ‪

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