Simply Series Box Set

Written by:
Carly Phillips
Narrated by:
Mia Madison

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
30 hours 37 minutes
Five Carly Classics from the bestselling Simply Series in one hot bundle!

Simply Sinful

He’s not the man she thought he was. But when danger lurks, he’s the man she needs.

Any rookie on the force could verify if Charmed! is a legit etiquette school for businessmen, or … something else. But coming off a wrenching drug bust, Detective Kane McDermott’s captain gave him a choice. Take the fluff case, or take enforced time off.

The moment Kane meets Kayla Luck, he’s in trouble. Dinner out leads to a hot night in bed, and Kayla falls hard and fast. Until she learns the business suit hides a badge, and she calls it quits. But Kane’s already lost his heart—and discovered she’s in danger. And if he can’t convince her she’s safe with him, he’ll lose the woman he loves.

Simply Scandalous

He runs in high society circles … and he’s running circles around her heart.

Logan Montgomery has found his niche as an assistant district attorney. But Gran just revealed some worrying intel—dad and his political cronies are about to maneuver him into running for mayor.

But Gran has a plan: a pre-emptive strike involving a pretty blonde caterer with supple curves—and a family history literally dripping with scandal. There’s just one flaw in her scheme: Logan’s not a player. And there’s a delicious spark of attraction that makes him want to try for something special with Catherine Luck.

Raw desire and genuine affection tip them into forbidden territory—love. Until Catherine gets a stark reminder that the Montgomerys never do anything without an ulterior motive.

Simply Sensual

Do the job. Take the money and run. Until, in a flash, love changes everything.

In retrospect, Ben Callahan should have known this job was trouble. Way more than his normal PI fee and unlimited expenses, just to watch over one woman and report back? Alarm bells should have sent him running back to New York. But with his Mom needing assisted living care, Ben takes Emma Montgomery’s tempting offer to watch over her granddaughter.

Then he meets Grace Montgomery, a golden-haired princess. Gifted, gorgeous, reckless. As Grace sheds her inhibitions faster than a high-speed shutter, Ben finds himself breaking his own rules for a woman full of unexpected secrets and thousand-watt sensuality. But when Grace discovers who’s signing Ben’s paycheck, her heart could be too broken for his love to repair.

Body Heat

NYC summer days are hot. Nights are even hotter …

Not much has stirred Detective Jake Lowell’s interest since a perp put a bullet in his shoulder, killed his partner, then walked on a technicality. Until a sexy waitress at a tiny neighborhood café catches his eye.

Working two jobs, Brianne Nelson never expected to do more than fantasize about Mr. Tall, Tanned, & Gorgeous. But when her new physical therapy client turns out to be the man who fuels her fantasies, she realizes she’s going to be seeing a lot more of him—in the flesh—than she bargained for.

It’s not long before skin-on-skin contact turns into a hot summer fling. But the killer Jake is after isn’t going down without a fight, and more than their hearts could get caught in the crossfire …

Simply Sexy

It all started with a not-so-innocent sprig of mistletoe …

When his adoptive father, Joe, falls ill, globetrotting news reporter Colin Lyons doesn’t hesitate to drop everything to fly home and take over Joe’s baby, the Ashford Times. He’s only got until New Year’s to save this sinking ship, and to do that, he needs an ally. Rina Lowell, new to Ashford, is the perfect target to help him, even if it means the job she loves will be cut in the end.

He never expected one kiss to take his simple plan to save the Times and tie it into impossible knots … and possibly cost him the woman he loves.

Note: These titles were originally published in 2000–2002 by Harlequin Temptation, Blaze. They appear here in their original glory, without substantial revision.
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