The Sixth Law

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
11 hours 42 minutes
Extinction New Zealand returns in the much-anticipated fourth novel of the bestselling series.

Welcome to New Zealand: golden beaches, forest-covered mountains, pristine water and exotic bird life. A safe, friendly place to raise your family.

Not anymore.

All that was before the Hemorrhage Virus decimated the population. Before the survivors fled to the islands to escape the new and terrifying apex predators—the Variants. That was before Operation Utu launched to reclaim their land.

Ten years have passed since they took back their country. Ten years of hope, rebuilding and surviving. But while Jack, Dee, and the Renegades focused on creating a new, better civilization, evil was busy too. And evil doesn’t forget.

While away on a mission, Jack is shocked to learn that Dee and their son Marco have been kidnapped by unknown foes. As he races to locate them, the home they sacrificed so much for comes under attack by one of their own. Now the clock is ticking to keep their sanctuary from collapsing forever.
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