Sleep Sounds ::: Non-Looping Tracks for Deep Sleep ::: XXL-Bundle: Ocean Sounds, Light Wind, Rainstorms, Ambient Noise, Calming Background Sounds

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
19 hours 57 minutes
Quiet your mind, unwind from your day, and let yourself completely relax with soothing sleep sounds. With this audiobook, experience the relaxing power of sound, no distractions, no jarring sounds, just pure luxury for your ears. With 20 hours of calming background sounds and 20 different themes to choose from, you're sure to get the deep sleep that your body craves.

Also perfect for use with meditation, studying, yoga, or even during therapy and counseling sessions. Or help young children fall asleep with this collection of ambient (nature) sounds.

This volume includes 20 non-looping tracks:

- Gentle rain on a tree,

- Soothing beach waves,

- Thunderstorm in the distance,

- Campfire on a beach,

- Deep sea ambience,

- Rain shower,

- Spherical soundscapes with deep theta impulses,

- Neurologically tested, frequency-based music for deep sleep,

- and much more!

Total running time: 20 hours!!!

This is a professional, high quality audiobook made in house by our dedicated meditation team. We've worked hard to specifically engineer sleep sounds that will relax you instantly. We recommend using headphones.
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