The Spanish Civil War: A Captivating Guide to Its Causes, Battles, and Lasting Impact

The Spanish Civil War: A Captivating Guide to Its Causes, Battles, and Lasting Impact

Written by:
Captivating History
Narrated by:
Jay Herbert
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Release Date
December 2023
3 hours 27 minutes
Do you know the bloody story of the Spanish Civil War and what we need to learn from it to understand today’s world?

The Spanish Civil War is more relevant than ever, yet it is not that well known. However, the lessons that we can learn from the war can help us today in our divided world.

The Spanish Civil War is seen as a dress rehearsal for WWII. However, few understand its origins, causes, and main battles. Few historians have presented an exciting and easy-to-understand account of the battles and the major campaigns by land and sea. Too many historians are concerned about certain aspects of the war and treat the war as only a prequel to the Second World War.

That is going to change with this work. This comprehensive guide will present the key battles in chronological order. Get ready for an exciting trip into history to learn the real truth about the Spanish Civil War.

Here are some of the things that you will learn:

- Who were the main players in the war?
- Who were the international forces that played a role in the battles?
- The brutal nature of the conflict and who suffered
- What was the role of the African army from Morocco?
- What were the main battles, and how were they fought?
- How did the Spanish Civil War contribute to the outbreak of WWII?
- How did a democracy collapse, and what lessons does this offer us in our conflict-riven times?
- How can the Spanish Civil War help us to better understand international events today?

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