The Stoic Path to Wealth: Ancient Wisdom for Enduring Prosperity

The Stoic Path to Wealth: Ancient Wisdom for Enduring Prosperity

Written by:
Darius Foroux
Narrated by:
Mark Deakins
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
8 hours 0 minutes
“Darius has a unique ability to turn complex ideas into simple stories.” — Morgan Housel, #1 NYT bestselling author of The Psychology of Money

From investor and popular newsletter writer with 100k+ subscribers Darius Foroux comes an approach to building wealth that applies ancient wisdom to the chaos of modern-day markets

The Stoics understood that if you can control your reactions and manage your emotions, you can achieve success. The same principles apply to our financial lives today. The greatest investors approach the markets with discipline, emotional distance, and self-mastery—lessons that the Stoics have been teaching us for thousands of years.

Combining ancient wisdom with practical investment strategies drawn from analysis of the greatest investors of all time, The Stoic Path to Wealth will teach you how to: 

- cultivate an investing edge by managing your emotions and developing your unique skills and talents
- develop the discipline to ignore short-term market fluctuations and avoid living in the future
- foster a mindset that allows you to enjoy what you have and avoid greed

- create a sustainable approach to trading

As financial markets become increasingly unpredictable and chaotic, The Stoic Path to Wealth offers the key to weathering any economic storm while building wealth that will last a lifetime and beyond.
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