Stud in the Stacks

Written by:
Pippa Grant
Narrated by:
Joe Arden , Karen White

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
7 hours 20 minutes
When it comes to women, I know what they want. And all day long, I give it to them. Dark, broody, and sexy? You got it. Need to laugh? I'm your guy. Desperate for something to put you in the mood? You've come to the right place, kitten.

Every morning when my library opens, there's a line around the block, the ladies flocking to me in need of their next book boyfriend. I'm that dude. The one who knows his way around the romance section. And if you think that hasn't gotten me plenty of action over the years, you'd be wrong.

But I made a slight miscalculation at work, and now my reputation has my job in danger. If I can't prove to my boss that I'm more than a playboy who recommends romance in the hopes of getting some hanky panky in the stacks, I'm headed for the unemployment line.

Enter Parker Elliott. She rocks a mean guitar, she has no idea how sexy she is, and she's in need of a temporary fake boyfriend.

Best of all? She doesn't have a library card. I couldn't have found a better fake fiancee if I'd written her myself.

Contains mature themes.
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Although the characters were a bit two dimensional, they were likeable and I was interested in their relationship. I found the female narrator a bit too overenthusiastic. Hot sex scenes and a decent plot.

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Djasha C.

This is one of my favorite authors, I think she did a great job on this book as well!

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Ashante Williams

This story was okay. not my favorite book and quite honestly i think that the female narrator completely overacted. i was seriously thinking that her throat was hurting after this book just by the high tones and yelling she did in the narration. That is probably what made the book bad for me. I love joe arden and he can do no wrong in any book I hear him in but there was nothing he could do in this book to make it better but give me a calming relief from the female chapter. The book did have some funny moments and those moments were very memorable, especially those with the Grandma. Grandma reminded me of my own grandma. I'm hoping the next Pippa Grant book is better in story and narration.

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Jenny D.

absolutely loved this book

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