The Suit

Written by:
Lulu Moore
Narrated by:
Tim Paige , Mia Madison

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
10 hours 12 minutes
Have you ever met someone who makes your blood boil simply by existing? Or turn your notorious, ice-cool demeanor volcanic in a nanosecond? Perhaps smother your usual air of indifference with a lightning-charged thundercloud, threatening to strike at any moment?

Because that's what she does.

It's been seven peaceful years since I last saw Beulah Holmes. Seven peaceful years of practicing the law without her arguing against me, and if I never saw her again it would be too soon; but I'm not that fortunate.

She hasn't changed a bit.

Still the same shouty mouth threatening to burst my eardrums. Still the same murderous eyes which laser through me, promising to reign Hell. Except this time, the longer I have to sit opposite her, the longer I have to notice that the murderous eyes are also the most beautiful I've ever seen. And that shouty mouth with its full lips curled up in a snarl? I want to know what else it can do.

As each day passes, hating her isn't the only thing becoming harder. Beulah Holmes was my own personal devil, until the day I realized she wasn't . . .

And then I made it my mission to bring her back from Hell.
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Kimberly V.

Narrated by Tim Paige and Mia Madison, The Suit by Lulu Moore is the second book in the Tuesday Club series. Rafe and Beulah are college rivals and sworn enemies. When the two of them find themselves face to face as opposing counsel in a high profile divorce, the hate is reignited and so is the high heat. Rafe is charismatic, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and everything seems to come easily to him, to the ire of Beulah who didn’t have that same easy life as Rafe. Tim Paige does a fantastic job bringing Rafe’s wit and humor to life. Mia Madison brings out Beulah’s strong personality and delicate heart. Together they make the story wrap around the listeners heart. I truly enjoyed hearing Rafe and Beulah spar and eventually fall in love. I also loved the cameos of other characters from the Luluverse, like Jupiter Reeves. This book also set me up to fall in love with Penn in his book The Show.

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Crystal F.

Audiobook review - Narrated by Mia Madison and Tim Paige 4 stars for story / 5 stars for performance I really enjoyed this second installment of The Tuesday Club series. This story centers around Rafe and his law school nemesis Beulah. After years of competing with each other through school they hadn't met face to face until a high-profile divorce case sees them on opposite side of a courtroom. The banter between these two is off the charts and the story goes beyond enemies to lovers as they really can't stand each other. This is such a great story, in part because there are so many layers to uncover, not only personally, but professionally for both main characters. I devoured this one in a matter of hours, not only because the story was captivating but also because the narration was so well done. Mia Madison played Beulah to a tee. She was able to embody the feisty attitude and then bring all the emotion when it was called for. Tim Paige also was perfect as Rafe. The smallest nuances when he was playing coy and the witty banter with Pennington and Murray were voiced to perfection. I can't wait to listen to book three.

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MacKenzie S.

* hate to love / enemies to lovers * law school rivals * delicious tension and chemistry * great friend group / found family * a little suspense * dual POV * open door Now this book was fun! Such great tension and chemistry between our two MCs, Rafe and Beulah, who are both hot-shot lawyers and each others biggest rival. Rafe is easy going and Beulah has a tough exterior, which I loved watching soften as she started letting people in. It was great having the Tuesday Club boys all together and Kit was present a lot, which I loved! The overarching plot of this story was exciting and it got a little suspenseful towards the end, which is my favorite :) Can't wait for Penn's story! Rating: 4 stars Thank you to Valentine PR and the author for an ALC of this audiobook - all opinions are my own!

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Erin B.

I loved listening to Tim Paige and Mia Madison bring “The Suit” to life! Their subtle nuances made the story come to life! Rafe and Beulah are a couple of hot-shot attorneys who loathe each other. When they end up as opposing council on a high profile legal case, the sparks fly! Their enemies/rivals to lovers story is to DIE for!

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