The Summer of Songbirds

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
10 hours 58 minutes
Four women come together to save the summer camp that changed their lives and rediscover themselves in this “moving and nostalgic” (Southern Living) new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Veil and the Peachtree Bluff series.

Nearly thirty years ago, in the wake of a personal tragedy, June Moore bought Camp Holly Springs and turned it into a thriving summer haven for girls. But now, June is in danger of losing the place she has sacrificed everything for.

June’s niece, Daphne, met her two best friends, Lanier and Mary Stuart, during a fateful summer at camp. They’ve all helped each other through hard things, from heartbreak and loss to substance abuse and unplanned pregnancy, and the three are inseparable even in their thirties. But when attorney Daphne is confronted with a relationship from her past—and a work issue becomes personal—she is faced with an impossible choice.

Lanier, meanwhile, is torn between the commitment she made to her fiancé and the one she made to her first love. And when a big secret comes to light, she finds herself at odds with her best friend…and risks losing the person she loves most in the process.

But nothing is more important to these songbirds than Camp Holly Springs. When the women learn their favorite place is in danger of closing, they band together to save it, sending them on a journey that promises to open the next chapters in their lives. A love letter to the places and people that make us who we are, The Summer of Songbirds is “a story to savor…and share with a friend” (Susan Mallory, New York Times bestselling author).
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I was a little disappointed with this book. I have read everything KWH has written. I LOVED the Peachtree Bluff Series… I’ve loved them all. I was a little less enthusiastic about The Wedding Veil, this one was a I had a hard time getting into. For one, I think it’s geared toward a much younger group of readers. The main thing that frustrated me was Lanier’s character. She just seemed so immature, jealous, insecure, pouty and whiny… I couldn’t like her. The narration of this character annoyed me. I could hear the pouty, lispy voice and it just drove me to fast forward her par

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Kristy!!! You did it again! COULD NOT put this book down!

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