Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story

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Unabridged Audiobook

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November 2022
20 hours 25 minutes

Bono—artist, activist, and the lead singer of Irish rock band U2—has written a memoir: honest and irreverent, intimate and profound, Surrender is the story of the remarkable life he’s lived, the challenges he’s faced, and the friends and family who have shaped and sustained him.

Narrated by the author, Surrender is an intimate, immersive listening experience, telling stories from Bono’s early days in Dublin, to joining a band and playing sold out stadiums around the world with U2, plus his more than 20 years of activism. 
Throughout a remarkable life, music has always been a constant for Bono and in the audiobook, his distinctive voice is interwoven with a very personal soundtrack adding atmosphere and texture to each and every scene. From moments of classic U2 hits to snippets by The Clash, Patti Smith, Verdi, Johnny Cash and Mozart, Surrender also exclusively features clips of newly recorded reimagined versions of U2 songs including ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, ‘With Or Without You’, ‘One’, ‘Beautiful Day’ and more, glimpsed for the first time on Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story.
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as an old old fan of U2 and Bono (since 1978) it is really a pleasure and a privilege to listten all the history of the Band directly from him and get in contact with the real inspirations that came in each success ! Congratulations Bono and thank you for the present to all fans ..

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Kirsten A.

This was a great listen. Bono was surprisingly good at accents, and I really enjoyed the inclusion of the songs. I have a new respect for his faith, his songwriting, and his strong relationships.

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Good overall. Too much time spent on his time as an activist. I am more interested in him talking about the story and music of U2.

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Brent L.

A very poetic and insightful telling of the band, his wife and the artistic process colliding with swapping celebrity for social change. This is not a tell all. It is also one of the best audiobooks as you get to listen to samples of songs he writes about.

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I enjoyed listening to the audio version of this book and especially how he brings it to a close. Beautiful!

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Barbara J.

Poet, activist, rebel, romantic are just a few of words that come to mind when reading this book. What an amazing life he has led and hearing his own voice read his own words was quite special. I was not a huge U2 fan but am more so now having read how these songs came to be and more importantly how a young teenager grew and became the man Bono is today.

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Cal C.

Do this book via audio. Seems like the music and Bono reading made it very good. Wasn’t historically interested in U-2. Will search out their music now.

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Eric Z.

Excellent book! Great as an audiobook!

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John A.

More of a theatrical production than just another audio book. Lots of bonus content (music, sound effects) scattered throughout the reading. The author as reader adds a depth not possible had anyone else done the reading. So glad I picked up the audiobook instead of the written version.

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Enjoyed every minute of the 20 hours and learnt a lot!

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Judy W.

This is probably the best audio book I’ve ever listen to. So interesting and so entertaining. I didn’t want it to end. What an extraordinary life and human.

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This memoir was fantastic. There was so much I didn’t know about his life. Being narrated by him made it that much more authentic.

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Alice S.

This audiobook is really worth your while for the full experience of this book - from Bono singing lines from the songs (in ways you haven’t heard before), to his attempts at accents (the Bill Clinton one was a bit cruel but hilarious nonetheless), the audio version of this memoir really adds a special charm. Highly recommend!

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LJ Chris

I really enjoyed listening Bono tell his stories. He is an extraordinary person living an extraordinary life. I can’t say I was always a fan, because I did not discover U2 until the mid eighties, but have loved them ever since. I remember seeing the 360 tour in Edmonton. I bought 4 last minute tickets and took my hubby and daughter. I called an acquaintance that has since become my best friend to see if she’d like to go. It was such a fun night. Bono tells stories on stage and I loved listening to him. Something about his Irish lilt.

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