The Swamp Fox: How Francis Marion Saved the American Revolution

Written by:
John Oller
Narrated by:
Joe Barrett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2016
8 hours 48 minutes
In the darkest days of the American Revolution, Francis Marion and his band of militia freedom fighters kept hope alive for the patriot cause during the critical British 'southern campaign.' Like the Robin Hood of legend, Marion and his men attacked from secret hideaways before melting back into the forest or swamp. Employing insurgent tactics that became commonplace in later centuries, Marion and his brigade inflicted losses on the enemy that were individually small but cumulatively a large drain on British resources and morale.

In The Swamp Fox, the first major biography of Marion in more than forty years, John Oller compiles striking evidence to provide a fresh look at Marion, the man, and how he helped save the American Revolution.
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Wesley S.

This is an excellent book. It is well written and very detailed. My wife's 5th great grandfather was killed in one of the battles near the end.

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Crompton B.

Like so many others, I was a product of the generation that grew up thinking Leslie Nielsen was Francis Marion as portrayed on the Wonderful World of Disney so this biography was a welcome revelation! Filled with incredible detail that one might not anticipate survives from partisan and guerilla warfare, it was interesting to learn of the ebbs and flows of allegiance in colonial South Carolina with Loyalists and patriots locked in a bitter struggle for the territory.. Thoroughly enjoyable and capably rendered by the narrator, my only caution would be that the extensive references to locations, distances, rivers, creeks, etc. challenge the listener to track the campaigns and engagements unless some knowledge of South Carolina's geography is in hand...or a map close by for reference.

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Lee W.

Just when you thought you knew all you needed to know........ I was shocked to find out that the real Swamp Fox wasn't so much like Mel Gibson after all ! And, as a native South Carolinian, much of the what & where, surprised me. But not the fact that Jacksonboro, SC was the temporary "capital" of the revolutionary government.

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