The Takeover

Written by:
Cara Tanamachi
Narrated by:
Donald Chang , Chieko Hidaka

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
8 hours 46 minutes
On Nami’s thirtieth birthday, she’s reminded at every turn that her life isn’t what she’d planned. She’s always excelled at everything—until now. Her fiancé blew up their engagement. Her pride and joy, the tech company she helped to found, is about to lose funding. And her sister, Sora, is getting married to the man of her dreams, Jack—and instead of being happy for her, as Nami knows she ought to be, she’s fighting off jealousy.

Frustrated with her life, she makes a wish on a birthday candle to find her soulmate. Instead the universe delivers her hate mate, Nami’s old nemesis, Jae Lee, the most popular kid from her high school, who also narrowly beat her out for valedictorian. More than a decade later, Jae is still as effortlessly cool, charming, and stylish as ever, and, to make matters worse, he’s planning a hostile takeover of her start-up. Cue sharp elbows and even sharper banter as the two go head-to-head to see who’ll win this time. But when their rivalry ignites a different kind of passion, Nami starts to realize it’s not just her company that’s in danger of being taken over, but her heart as well.
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