Taoism for Beginners: Understanding and Applying Taoist History, Concepts, and Practices

Written by:
Elizabeth Reninger
Narrated by:
Wendy Tremont King

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
4 hours 25 minutes
Begin your journey toward spiritual exploration and deepen your connection with the earth. Taoism for Beginners is your easy-to-understand guide to a rich, spiritual Chinese religion and a new holistic perspective.

Discover the core principles and traditions of Taoism with straightforward language and simple exercises you can do anywhere. Adopting aspects of Taoism into your everyday life can bring you into peace and harmony with yourself and the world around you-a practice that's more vital than ever in our busy modern-day lives.

Taoism for Beginners helps you:

- Feel better and feel more-Build your own Taoist practice that can help you relax, de-stress, and feel more at ease in your life.

- Learn history and tradition-Meet Taoism's founder, Lao Tzu, and learn the basic history of Taoism practice for the past 2500 years.

- This book and beyond-Deepen your practice (if you wish) with included resources for further reading and study.

Explore the depth and breadth of Taoism in a clear format that you can apply to everything you do.
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