Tarot: An Introduction: Your Plain & Simple Guide to Major & Minor Arcana, Interpreting Cards, and Spreads

Written by:
Leanna Greenaway
Narrated by:
Gabrielle Baker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
3 hours 11 minutes
Tarot is a popular form of divination that has been used for centuries and is key to unlocking the psyche. By following the advice and knowledge set out in this book, you will come to understand how easy it is to master the art of reading cards. Many people struggle with the many different tarot books available today-they can be difficult for the novice to follow, and many present differing interpretations of the cards. This guide brings tarot into the twenty-first century, making the card meanings relevant and easy to understand and follow.

This plain and simple guide to tarot offers: profiles for each of the 78 cards that comprise the major and minor arcana; upright and reversed meanings; tips on giving readings to others; the most common spreads including a heavy focus on the Celtic Cross; correspondences for the major arcana and astrology signs; key points for each card to help give a reading with confidence; and exercises to increase reading the cards spontaneously.

Once you know these basics, you'll be able to easily branch out into more advanced and complex tarot books.
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