Teaching Trauma-Sensitive Yoga: A Practical Guide

Written by:
Brendon Abram
Narrated by:
Alan Carlson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
4 hours 9 minutes
A practical, hands-on, experienced-based guide from a military veteran turned yoga teacher

Brendon Abram combines his first-hand experience with PTSD in the field and years of teaching to offer this practical guide to bringing trauma-sensitive yoga to both clinical and studio settings. Drawing on his work with military veterans, first responders, and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, he emphasizes the importance of respecting the uniqueness of every individual and demonstrates how to use the foundational principles of yoga to create a safe experience. Abram explains that basic principles of yoga bring power to the practice and that breath, mindful movement, focused awareness, and acceptance of present-moment experience form the foundation of any yoga offering.
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