Teardrops and Flip Flops

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
5 hours 39 minutes
Ruby's love life has gone to the dogs. Literally.

Ruby always longed for adventure-hiking for months on end or living like a gypsy in an RV-but instead, she settled for a comfortable relationship with a man who worshipped her. That is until he died, leaving her a teardrop trailer and the permission to find her adventure and a true love who would curl her toes.

What did she wind up with? A stray dog who just might be her dead husband reincarnated and a good-looking photographer sniffing after her who thinks Ruby is fantastic.

The dog is not amused.

Ruby is conflicted. Can Ruby move past the pain of losing her husband, follow her heart, and find what she has always been looking for?

Can her dog stop growling at men long enough for her to figure out what she wants?

Can any man tolerate the package that is Ruby and the dog, George?
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Darlene C.

This book was meh as an audiobook. It probably would’ve been better if I read it instead of listened to it. A good beach read. Read not listen.

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