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The Terrible Personal Shopper

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
7 hours 3 minutes
Ever stumbled into a job you're totally not qualified to do then fallen-literally-head over heels for a client? Just me?

When my best friend Josie asked me to cover for her new job, I didn't hesitate. I'm nice like that. The plan: Meet the rich client. Take notes of their measurements and fashion tastes. Then hand over to Josie. Job done.

But Josie didn't tell me the client is six-foot-four Hollywood hunk, Blaze Hopkins. My ultimate onscreen crush. I can't stop my face glowing red as I wrap the tape measure around his hot body. When he asks me questions, I reply with squeaks and giggles. Total fangirl move.

But Blaze doesn't know what a personal shopper does-or does NOT do-and he makes me an offer that makes my jaw drop and toes curl. Join him on his latest press tour. How can I pass up the opportunity to travel the world with this heartthrob?

All I have to do is pretend I totally know what I'm doing-I don't. Play it cool-I'm gonna fail that too.

And most-importantly, do NOT fall for Blaze Hopkins.

Let's just face it. I'm doomed.
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