The Testing

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2013
11 hours 10 minutes
Joelle Charbonneau has reaped widespread critical acclaim and secured her status as a YA writer to watch with her much-loved Skating and Glee Club series. The first in a trilogy that's won immediate raves, The Testing finds 16-year-old Malencia Vale celebrating graduation day. Chosen as a possible leader of her post-war civilization, Cia travels to Tosu City, where romance awaits--along with nightmarish danger.
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Connie Tran

I am young but this story meant a Lot how a girl wanted some thing wanted to be chosen For the testing I will have to be honest the beginning was a little boring but then once we got into the middle I started to feel how she felt I can feel being away from family or how friends die. It must be sad even if you don't know then but seeing a Solis person body is to hard to even listening to. The pain she felt. Felt so real that her loved one Almost died. Is to hard to imagine. And how she felt for the human mutants was like you care for a human that is trying to kill you to be honest I will hate a person trying to kill me and not hesitate to shoot them in her position what's I am trying to say is this book is a great book and how they left us off with a cliffhanger I would like to see a testing number two. And I am a person who don't like books and for me to say I want another one is like saying I want a new game. I hope if you read this you will feel how I feel!!!!????

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Mary D.

Loved it. Admired Cia's ability to face adversity head on. If you loved Hunger Games, this is a new take on the genre. Different enough to enjoy.

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Wayne Ferreira

Have not finished yet. Story is very good. Almost like divergent and hunger games had a child. Unfortunately.. I cant take the readers voice.. I find that it is very robotic and every sentence ends in a high voice like its a question... I will stick it out because story is good though.

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Vittorio Deparasis

The reader was great and she made it feel like every person is a little different but the writing it self was good but the way the main character talks it feel almost anti climatic but over all it's great

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it is a good book

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It tell gets to your hart and is similar to legend

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