Texas Fight

Texas Fight

Written by:
Scott Medbury
Narrated by:
Adam Barr
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
5 hours 2 minutes
Infection. Invasion. Chaos.

A weaponized virus ravages the U.S. somehow leaving children and young adults unscathed. As hundreds of millions die, for those left, surviving the virus is only the beginning…

Jack, Robert and Jen have been rescued in the most unlikely of circumstances. The new group, headed by Grandpa, take them to their secret camp in the Sam Houston National Forest where they gladly accept an offer to stay. Life is hard in the camp, but a thousand times better than being on the run.

Unfortunately time is ticking and the invaders, led by Colonel Li, stung by their escape and the frequent 'terrorist' attacks by the group, are upping their efforts to locate and destroy them.

Jack and his friends are about to find themselves right in the middle of another fight. A Texas fight...

Don't miss Texas Fight, book 8 of the relentless post-apocalyptic survival series, America Falls. 
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