The Mysterious Island

Written by:
Jules Verne
Narrated by:
Bill Homewood

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
19 hours 44 minutes
The year is 1866; the American Civil War is at its height. Five prisoners of war hatch an audacious plan to escape their camp by balloon. After a perilous 6,000-mile journey in a fierce storm, they are ‘shipwrecked’ on an unknown Pacific island. What follows is a thrilling tale of resourcefulness, courage and suspense. Together with our heroes we learn to hunt, to make weapons and pottery, to calculate our position by the sun, to extract iron and even to make explosives from the island’s remarkable natural resources. As in all Verne’s novels, the plot is packed with unexpected and tantalising mysteries – above all, who is the invisible benefactor who repeatedly saves our heroes from certain death?
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