The Thirty-Nine Steps

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
4 hours 56 minutes
Gildart Jackson reads to you the classic adventure of Richard Hannay—an ordinary Englishman who is “pretty well disgusted with life.” His boredom takes a turn when he finds himself involved in a thrilling race to deliver important intelligence to the British government before German anarchists stop him.

Written by John Buchan as a serial for Blackwood’s Magazine in 1915, The Thirty-Nine Steps would eventually become five full-length books known as The Richard Hannay Series. It would later become the inspiration for the classic Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name.

Gildart Jackson, like John Buchan, is also a British Barrister. Later in life he became an award-winning actor and narrator who has narrated over 300 audiobooks.This audiobook was originally read as part of Gildart’s Fireside Readings - please visit to find out more.
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