Trading Strategies - Master the Financial Markets with Options, Futures, and Stocks - 3 Audiobooks: Swing Trading, Dividend Investing, Stock Trading Strategy

Written by:
Mark Zone
Narrated by:
Alexander Penny

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
9 hours 14 minutes
Interested in having a highly profitable job with flexible working hours, and being your own boss?
You heard about people getting rich on the stock market, and want to be one of them but don’t know where to start?
A career of a day trader can be an extremely exciting and successful one if you have the right tools. Without them, you risk losing money by making costly mistakes that could otherwise be avoidable.
With the right guide, even someone completely new to stock trading can be successful and make a profitable career out of it. In this detailed, comprehensive book you’ll find precious tips about day trading, and strategies you can implement to start making big money in no time! The audiobook entails information about every relevant type of financial market, from stock to cryptocurrencies and everything in between.
If you’re thinking about starting a career as a day trader, use this audiobook to learn:
● How the trader’s career actually works, and what it entails
● Trading terms and types, including the advantages and strategies of each one
● How to avoid beginner’s mistakes, and invest smartly
● How to calculate the risk factor or when to invest, and when to back out
● Strategies for purchasing and selling stock
● How to recognize bad stock
● How to deal with sudden upturns and breakouts
A stock market is, simply put, a money-making machine, but only for those than know how to push the right buttons and operate it the right way. A lot of people feel threatened by the complex trading system and shy away from trying out their luck. You’ve probably heard a fair share of horror stories about beginners making some crucial mistakes and losing all their investment. Use this book to start investing the right way, by choosing profitable and secure stocks.
Follow the tips and advice only an insider or a professional trader usually knows, and get ready to make a fortune!
Start Your Career as a Trader with this Guide, Even if You’re an Absolute Beginner!
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Norma J.

So thankful that this was an audiobook! I was able to listen to it instead of trying to find time to read it. This book was so helpful in trying to learn how to become an investor.

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Mollen Maswanganyi

This book gives you the fundamentals of trading strategies and how to best using them.

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Yoshiro M.

This is a must have for traders, If you want to understand the fundamentals truths of trading, If you want to trade with a carefree state of mind, and more importantly, if you want to understand the trader's perspective and market's perspective, then you need to have this easy-to-listen audio-book.

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Micheal P.

This book was definitely a lot to digest and should be listened and relistened over time to reinforce and imprint the message. It's not going to be the book that you listen and then go out and become a billionaire overnight its just going to introduce you to a way of thinking that could be different then what you are used to. i would say that you should probably listen to this book with a pen and pad to take notes

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Juan N.

This is an excellent book for all investors - new ones and veteran ones! This book gives lots of valuable information to help one understand the basics of investing. I have purchased several books on investing, and this is the most valuable resource I have found so far. I highly recommend this book! Please mark if you find my review helpful. Thank you so much!

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Giovanni M.

This book is perhaps the most important and insightful book on investing. It is not a book that promises ‘How to become rich…’ or ‘Mastering Stock market in a week….’ or ‘Beating the market made easy…’ or any shortcut to a quick buck. The book teaches three powerful lessons of how one can: - minimize the odds of suffering irreversible losses - maximize the chance of achieving sustainable gains - practice emotional control and behavior to help the investor achieve full potential.

Profile Avatar
Peter S.

So far into my career, this book has un-ironically been one the greatest investments I have made so far. This is a great book for anyone who is interested in introducing themselves into the world of investing, or wants to hone their skills and better themselves. Although, while a great book I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the discipline to treat this book as a college textbook. Annotate, take notes, and create a guide. If you want to start taking investing seriously and want to begin practicing the discipline of self education, this is the book for you. Best of luck to everybody.

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Karla M.

From the sample I have listened, I think it is a great book to have a better understanding of trading. Will definitely listen to all the content as soon as possible

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Mark E.

One of the mostly valuable book for investment strategy I’ve ever listened. Probably it’s not for boomers who wants to earn easy money without fundamental security analysis. Timeless ideas provided, really useful for any kind of investors..

Profile Avatar
Frank A.

Listening to the audiobook was really helpful & got my mind stimulated thinking of future trades with a checklist

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Paul B.

This book is a good investment. I love it. Every business man should have it .

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Gary G.

great book for understanding how to invest. the advice is timeless and the updates work well

Profile Avatar
Brian P.

One of a handful of foundational works written for the individual investor. A treasure trove of wisdom paired with a wealth of information. Excellent narration as well.

Profile Avatar
Bob C.

I had never thought about investing in the stock market ( in truth I thought it was only for the rich) before listening this audiobook. It has motivated me to learn more and start investing. This book gave me a starting point on which to build my investing discipline.

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