Train to Outslug the Market: What to Do If Unafraid

Written by:
Martin Sosnoff
Narrated by:
Larry Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
5 hours 22 minutes
Train to Outslug the Market is about sharpening your perception, how not to overstay markets, and how to build stock positions that can work out brilliantly.

Have you owned Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alibaba these past five years? Wall Street jitterbugs, day after day. Soo … how can you come out on top?

Stocks churn like commodities, fluctuating as much as 5% intraday. Nobody’s there to take good care of armchair investors. Pie chart money managers and banks like JPMorgan Chase adhere to the traditional 60/40 ratio for clients’ portfolios, but they scatter shot capital into oil, commodities, emerging market debt, and foreign currencies. It makes them look profoundly busy. In past years, these pundits pretty much ignored the NASDAQ 100 Index, which has outperformed traditional indices like the Standard & Poor’s 500. Within is the schema for your money management.

Know when to buy stocks and when to check out. Don’t assume the Street’s pundits get it right even half the time. Historically, the Federal Reserve Board is not your friend, zigging rather than zagging. The analysts’ consensus on specific stocks is usually sketchy and off-base.
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