Trick of the Trade [Dramatized Adaptation]: Jeston Nash 6

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
8 hours 19 minutes
'Jeston Nash knew horses -- he'd stolen enough of them in his time. But the lookalike cousin of Jesse James was going respectable, almost. Then, in a New Orleans teeming with drunks and blue uniforms, he sold a horse toa well-bred lady. It was the biggest mistake of his careers.

He hit Fort Lincoln with a belly full of wounds and minus a boot. His horse had been stolen, and he'd stolen it back -- along with some bootleg crackers. All in all, it hadn't been a pleasant trip through the dreaded Black Hills. But at least Jeston Nash -- for the time being calling himself Beatty -- hadn't drowned. Now he fully intended to fulÞll a promise: to deliver an unridable horse called Honest Bob to a woman named Custer.

The trouble was, the wife of General George Armstrong Custer, Elizabeth, wasn't very interested in the horse she'd persuaded Nash to deliver. In fact, Mrs. Custer was on the warpath. So were the Sioux -- and General Custer's commanders in Washington. Suddenly, Nash Þnds himself in the middle of the most dangerous kind of Þght: a marital squabble. Before he knows it he's riding alongside a hardheaded, buffalo-hunting, blond-haired general who's sure glory awaits them -- at a place called Little Big Horns.

Performed by Dylan Lynch, Michael John Casey, Elizabeth Jernigan, David Jourdan, KenYatta Rogers, Tim Carlin, Matthew McGee, Eric Messner, Christopher Graybill, Scott McCormick, Ken Jackson, David Coyne, Brad Smith, Steven Carpenter, Michael Glenn, Tim Pabon, Thomas Penny, Dawn Ursula, Christopher Scheeren, Nick DePinto, Terence Aselford, Damyon ''Choppy Chop'' Richardson and Mort Shelby.'
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