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January 2019
10 hours 1 minute
Thalia Lyndhoven was born a Pack Princess, but that doesn't mean she has to act like one. Good thing; peeing on her fathers' front lawn is way too much fun, as is making nasty Betas shiver and shake when she approaches.

Trouble is, for nearly a decade, Thalia has been alone. Exiled to her wing in the palace because her parents don't know what's wrong with her. Well, she's tried telling them but they don't listen-when do parents ever listen?

Still, what's a girl to do?

Is it any wonder she has anger issues when she has visions of her three mates with other women? Is it any wonder she spends most of her time in her wolf skin?

Approaching her thirtieth birthday, things have never looked bleaker until an Elder changes everything and in walks mate numero uno. He's nothing like anything she ever imagined, and through him, she finally sees what she was meant to do with her life.

Be his.

Well, that, and kick the Pack where it hurts to take it from the twelfth century to the twenty-first.

With her mate at her side, Thalia's realizing she's bulletproof, but what happens when her second mate pops up and destabilizes things entirely?

Contains mature themes.
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Mercedes S.

Never in my life have I disliked a narrator more than the Male POV version in this book. He used a horrendous southern accent for the first few chapters that portrayed woman horribly. I just stopped listening because of the narration, the book seemed decent from what I got through but wasn’t worth the cringe accents/portrayals.

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The story line is good but the male narrator makes it nearly impossible to get into the story. He has the most cringy accent when switching between characters. It would have been a lot better if he would have not changed his voice for characters. Ruined the whole story. The female narrator was good and I wish the whole book would’ve been read by her.

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Mira R.

not the best. kind of frustrating to listen to.

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Nicholas T.

Loved the story but something about the guy narrator was off putting because all the woman sounded the same. Other than that, this book was pretty good and was entertaining. I didn’t like the pronunciation of some words and it is my ocd that grated because of it but still a nice get away for reality.

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Krystal pm

What a fantastic story! loved every second of it.

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