Two Billionaires in Vegas: A Reverse Harem Romance

Two Billionaires in Vegas: A Reverse Harem Romance

Written by:
Nicole Casey
Narrated by:
Tasha Morgan , Connor Brown
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
3 hours 43 minutes
Two alluring, dominant alpha males want to claim me for themselves.But the real question is: am I ready to be shared?

How on earth did I find myself in this situation?

I was just attending my best friend's wedding, expecting the usual affair filled with flowers, speeches, and all that jazz.

The whole event was dreadfully dull, and I was desperately seeking an escape.

And that was when I met them.

Two tall, irresistibly attractive Ex-Marines.

Jackson and Caleb. The owners of the secret dungeon in Vegas.

One ignites a blaze within me. He's alluring, rugged, and undeniably solid.

The other possesses an intensity that sends shivers down my spine. Dominant, mysterious, and damaged.

I am left speechless when they whisper their naughty little plan to personally evaluate me,

to see if I could handle what they have in mind.

As those damn elevator doors close, I know there's no turning back.

And just as anticipation reached its crescendo, they whispered something that left me weak in the knees...

They want to share me. Pleasure me. Together.
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