Unfinished Concrete: An Audio-Anthology of Miami Voices
Release Date
November 2022
1 hour 42 minutes
Unfinished Concrete: An Audio-Anthology of Miami Voices is a collection of poems, stories, micro-essays, and conversations that speak to and from Miami’s neighborhoods—each one a unique place with its own sounds, sights, and rhythms. The storytellers in this anthology grapple with the complexity that comes from a lifetime in a place and all the attending struggles and victories—the deep love and unspeakable sorrow—the well-worn aches and the inveterate joys. While the result is a rich narrative of the current moment in Miami-Dade county, these stories speak, too, of the personal and structural histories that have led to this moment, to these stories and experiences. In this way, the individual stories in Unfinished Concrete manage to piece together a mosaic of Miami that speaks to an authentic lived experience.

About the Publisher:

O, Miami builds community around the power of poetry. Through collaborations, projects, events, and publications, we create a platform for amplifying Miami’s voices, investing in a new shared narrative of our city and a more equitable picture of its future. For more information, visit omiami.org | @omiamifestival
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